Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Monica leads you away from the long line at the gloryhole restroom and over to the newly-built ones. Ignoring everyone she walks you into the guys and finds a vacant stall.

“Now to make Rachel jealous,” she purrs, and she pulls up her dress and caresses the crotch of her panties. “Get out your phone and send her some pics. I just don’t want her to know it’s me.”

Monica giggles as you take a few shots of her rubbing over and into her silky undies. Then she turns around and bends over, letting you see her ass as she slowly lowers her thong, until it’s just wrapped around her ankles.

“Why don’t you send your girlfriend those and I will tell you what I wanted most while sucking those cocks,” Monica giggles, pretending to be shy.

You have to pull yourself from a daze as Rachel’s best friend is standing naked in front of you and is absent-mindedly rubbing her clit.

“Guys can’t eat pussy through a hole.” Monica grabs your phone from your hand and wraps her other around your neck. “I’ll text your girlfriend and you can get ready for the next pictures.”