Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You get a drink at the bar and then get in the back of the line waiting for the gloryhole. Rachel will probably recognize your cock but hopefully she’ll give you something special. The line slowly moves forward and it’s been about an hour. Finally it’s your chance. You head into the empty stall and give your cock a few good pumps to get it half-hard and into the hole it goes.

It hangs there for a moment before you feel a hand grab it by the base and give it a good look over. You get the seductive start of a hand job before you feel a tongue lick the tip. After a few long licks up and down the shaft your head is finally engulfed by a hungry mouth. The tongue swirls around the head while it’s being sucked on intensely.

Your girlfriend is driving you crazy like she never has before, and then the mouth moves down the shaft deeper than ever before. Your tip must be down her throat. After a few deep bobs the hand returns and the mouth moves down to lick and suck your balls. A mouth sucks the tip surprising you.

“Someone’s in there with Rachel!” you whisper breathlessly, as both mouths continue pleasuring you. “I wonder if I could see who it is?”