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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You pull your dick out of the hole and try to take a peek, but a finger pokes through and beckons you back. It is follow by a tongue licking provocatively.

“Aw, this ones shy!”

Before you can prepare yourself the stall door opens to reveal your girlfriend and her best friend, Monica.

“Oh Ross, I thought it was you,” Rachel giggles. “Look who I found.”

Both have their hair disheveled and their lipstick smeared. You’re surprised they aren’t covered in jizz but as they are standing there Monica starts licking at your girlfriend’s neck. Your mind races through thoughts of them pleasuring a cock and then hungrily cleaning the stray drops.

“Rachel, you’re so lucky,” Monica says, licking her lips clean. “Since my boyfriend left me all I’ve had is my vibrator and the dicks in this place. I’ve been aching for a whole man.”

With that she squats down, not even caring that her skirt has ridden up exposing her pussy, and she begins milking you with one hand while unbuttoning your shirt with the other.

“You just do what you need,” Rachel replies as she nuzzles up to Monica and pulls her hair to turn her and kiss her deep;y, all the while keeping an eye on you. After a moment of making out with her best friend, Rachel stands up and looks you in the eye. “I’m going to get something for me.”

She turns to leave the stall but stops and asks, “Should I find a guy to bring in here or do you want to see what you missed? It turns out your girlfriend is great at working a gloryhole.”