Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Rachel can tell you still not sold on the idea. “I met my best friend Monica at one of those conventions,” she says as she nuzzles up to you. “She used to be chubby back then. I don’t know if she was trying to play it up or just didn’t know what people would say, but she went as a pig.”

“Well anyways, it was when I was young and stupid during my college days. I though the guy I was with would love me forever but I caught him with in a three-way with a chicken and a cat. No joke a cock and a pussy.”

“You must have been heart broken,” you offer.

“I probably was, but to make matters worse I think the pussy cat was annoyed at how much the other two were getting done without her. Anyway, I stormed off and headed to the hotel lobby, but on the way there I meet Monica dressed like Miss Piggy. Just to shorten up the story, I sat and talked with her but I had no place to stay so I bunked with her in her room and — you have to remember this is college so don’t judge me.” Rachel looks you in the eye.

“You did it with Monica?” It’s been building to that this whole story.

Rachel slides your boxers down and takes a handful of your cock. “This is where I convince you to do it with me. Monica and I had to share a double but as we settled down for the night we both rolled over and our legs entwined and we were face to face so we kissed. Then we kissed again, and then we started hugging. Before I knew it she was on top of me, kissing my neck.”

Your girlfriend’s hand keeps pumping your hard-on as she pulls one of your hands over between her legs. You take the hint and start fingering her already-wet pussy.

“So I put back on my bunny ears and she put the pig nose back on and we got hot and heavy. Both our shirts were off and we were sucking nipples and then she moved down between my legs. Monica was looking up at me with that snout and sucking the hell out of my clit. She tongue-fucked me until I came and then got down on all fours so I could get behind her and return the favor. She reached round and grabbed one of the bunny ears and pulled me tight into her ass as I was eating her out. Monica had to bury her head in the pillow not to scream. I think it may have been the first time she had with someone else.”

By now you are bucking wildly under the stroking of your girlfriend and you explode over your belly.

“One last thing to convince you,” she says as she begins licking her hands clean. “Imagine I’m a cat…”

You almost have another full boner as she licks you clean.