Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

“I’d like to have my own playboy bunny,” you say, starting to get intrigued with the idea.

“But what would you dress up as?” Rachel asks. “Don’t worry, I’ll just order something online.”

A few weeks pass and, with it being busy at work, you forgot your girlfriend had revealed her fantasy. So you are completely blindsided by her text to you at work. It’s a picture of her ass in a tight teddy with a rabbit tail. It reads: “Doing my make-up, will be back around nine. Dress up!”

When you get home you find a costume laid out on the bed. It a dog or wolf or something. It’s basically a big onesie with a zipper up the front and a large foam head. There’s a note telling you not to forget to take off your boxers.

As nine o’clock nears, you strip down and get into the suit. Then you lounge on the bed and wait until you hear the front door open. Anticipation seizes you as a stockinged leg seductively appears and teases you in the door frame. Rachel then steps into full view. Thigh-highs and a teddy make her look like a playboy bunny but her arms are covered in white delicate fur. She has whiskers and longer fur framing her face, hiding her ears. Her nose is covered to make it look like a rabbit’s and to top it all off are the ears.

“What do you think?”

You give your best wolf howl in reply.

“I’m glad you are into this,” she purrs as she begins to shimmy towards you. At the edge of the bed she begins to dance, turning around so you can watch her ass with the bunny tail sway. “Can you help me with my zipper?”

You unzip the teddy, expecting to see her skin, but under it is white fur. Rachel turns around holding the lingerie up with an arm across her tits, pushing them up so they look gorgeously full. Tantalizingly, she pulls it down. Her breasts are bare but her stomach is cover in sheer mesh leading down to her pussy. She let her hair grow and now has a neatly-trimmed bush dyed to match the fur.

“Are you ready to bop like bunnies?” she teases as she crawls up onto the bed.

Rachel settles between your legs and undoes a zipper just high enough to pull your hard cock out. She puts her bare breasts around it and poses, and all you can think of is a fucking hot bunny teasing you with a carrot. Then she takes the tip in her mouth and starts sucking you off. The bunny ears are bobbing up and down. She arches her back so you can watch her wiggle the tail.

“Come on you big bad wolf,” she says as she lets your head pop out from her cheek. “Fuck me doggy style.”

She turns around at you and shakes the bunny tail again. You kneel and plunge your cock deep in her pussy. You’re fucking her like a wild animal, making all of Rachel’s dreams come true.

You can feel yourself reaching the edge. With a rough beast-like flip you roll Rachel over on her back and straddle her, to explode all over her tits and chin.

“Oh fuck Ross! That was so hot!”

You pause there with your cock resting between her splattered breasts and once again picture a bunny with her “carrot.”

The End