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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bouncer_cb...)

“Let’s go out and pull another girl then,” you say, not quite believing this is happening.

“Okay, we’ll hit the club,” replies your girlfriend eagerly.

You both get ready. She’s wearing a nice little black dress that just covers her ass. You dress in a nice casual shirt and jeans.

You return to the club that you used to go to frequently. The queue’s not too long, and there’s the same bouncer as normal. You get in and almost instantly spot a girl at the bar.

“I like her, let’s go and have a chat!” says Rachel.

You soon realize it’s your bosses daughter. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, petite little frame, only just old enough. You’ve been clocking her for a while at work, wondering what’s underneath her clothes.

Out of nowhere your girlfriend has already brought her a drink and they’ve starting downing them. Rachel turns to you and says, “Come dance with us.”