Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bouncer_cb...)

“Let’s go off and have a dance then.” You can’t quite believe what is happening. You start to watch your girlfriend and your boss’s daughter dance with each other. They start getting closer and then it turns into a sexy grinding dance.

Rachel’s hands are all over her, touching her thighs. The little blonde closes her eyes and lets your girlfriend feel her up, clearly loving the sensation of another woman’s hands on her.

You start to notice that they are attracting a crowd of men. Some start grabbing at Rachel and the young girl. Things escalate rapidly, and soon one man is rubbing your girlfriend’s clit through her panty crotch with one hand and grabbing her ass with the other.

Watching this molestation on the dance floor is turning you on, but these are supposed to be your girls tonight! You don’t know what to do.