Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK...)

“I want you to seduce Monica,” says Rachel.

“You want me to what?” you ask, surprised.

“I’m going to invite her over and I want you to seduce her,” she repeats.

You met Monica when you started to date your girlfriend. She is about five foot six, strawberry blonde, with those green fuck-me eyes, slender build, great tits, and a perfect ass. She’s always flirted with you, ever since you walked in on her when she was taking a shower one day. You remember standing there, looking at her perfect body, water slowly running down her smooth skin. You couldn’t look away — it felt like everything was in slow motion. You could feel your cock start to tingle. Then you finally clued back in and got out of there. But she knew you watched her, which is why she always teases and flirts with you. But you love your girlfriend and she knows that you would never hurt or leave her.

“Ross? Why haven’t you said anything?” asks Rachel, breaking you out of your reverie.

“Okay. I’ll do it if you want me to,” you say accommodatingly.

Rachel smiles and gives you a big kiss. “I’ll invite her over this weekend!”