Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK...)

You stand by the door and waiting for Monica to be ready.

“Okay Ross, you can come in,” you hear her yell.

You open the door slowly and look in. She is lying on her stomach on the table. The massage oils are heated and you are ready to begin. You slowly roll down the sheet from her shoulders, exposing her soft smooth back and you notice she has left on a pink thong. It is like unwrapping a present. You remove the sheet and place a small towel on her perfect round ass. You don’t feel like it’s time to make a pass on her yet, so you just start the massage.

Starting at her neck, you began to work the massage oil into her skin. You notice how soft her skin is under your touch and feel her muscles tense at first, but after a few minutes you can feel her tension relax. You push your hands all the way down her back to the top of her panties, trying to keep in mind that this woman is your girlfriend’s best friend. You continue the stroke pattern and slowly work your way down lower and lower, until your fingertips are just under her thong. Monica never tenses up or makes any attempt to stop the massage, she just lets out an almost inaudible moan.

You smile lightly. As you move on to her legs, you start massaging up her leg, and onto her thigh, just inches away from her pussy. You start to think about it. Is it shaved? Maybe nicely trimmed? Or maybe she keeps a nice hairy bush?

You feel a little twitch from your cock with the thoughts racing through your mind. At first her legs were close together, but as your hands start to work the upper part of her legs, she opens up for you. You now can look under the towel and see an outline of her pussy through her panties and you can’t help but notice that there is a wet spot developing.

You close your eyes as you move your hand up Monica’s leg again. As the tips of your fingers brush her panties right over her soaking-wet pussy, she lets out a soft moan. You do it a second time, brushing your fingers lightly against it again. Her whole body tenses up this time and she lets out another soft moan, but she’s raised her head in shock, so you quickly move to her back again. Then she relaxes a little and allows you to finish the massage.

“Okay, all done,” you say.

You turn around to put away some of the massage oils as Monica sits up and pulls the towel up to cover herself.

Then, as you are busy putting the oils away, you feel her breasts press up against your back.