Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

While it is tempting to pull that butt-plug out and have your way with her ass, you remember the number of times this woman has belittled you and probably talked behind your back to your girlfriend. You came over here because you wanted her to be comfortable, and instead she’s already switched back to her normal personality. Well this is your house, and she can’t treat you this way. You think to yourself, “It’s time to pay the piper, bitch!”

You position your dick at the entrance to her pussy, and gently tease the opening with the tip of your dick. She starts to push back towards you, but you pull away. She looks around at you in frustration.

“I said fuck me already, what the hell are you doing?”

You look at her and smile. “Beg me. Beg me to fuck you, in front of your family and all my friends. Tell everyone that your gagging for my cock, you horrible slut.”

Your future mother-in-law is taken aback by your words, and flushes a deep red once more through her body.

“You need to ask your husband, your daughter and your son for permission for me to fuck that pussy of yours.”

Now she’s worried. She whispers, “But, my son isn’t even here. He had to work today.” She takes a deep breath. “We never told him about this.”

You laugh at the last remark. Of course you knew he wasn’t here, but since the rest of her close family know already, he was going to find out at some point even if just by accident. “Well, go ask your husband if it’s okay for you to have my cock in your pussy.” You emphasize “pussy” by rapidly shoving two fingers into her hole. “I’ll go get your phone from your bag so you can call your son.”

She gasps at the sudden penetration of your fingers, as well as the demand you are making of her. You pull your fingers out and slap her buttcheek hard, leaving a reddish handprint.

You quickly rummage through her bag and pull her phone out as she makes her way over to her husband, who is fucking Monica doggy-style on the other side of the room. You watch as they have a brief conversation, although you can’t quite hear the words because of the sounds of sex coming from all around you. You pause to take in the scene. Rachel is now squatting up and down on Jamie’s cock, her cries of passion muffled by the presence of John’s dick in her mouth. At least someone finally got her bra off. Then you realize that both your step-sister and your dad have disappeared; they probably went upstairs.

From across the room, you hear a loud “Fine!” from Rachel’s mom, who goes down on all fours next to Monica, but facing her husband. He pulls his dick out from Monica’s pussy and plunges it into his wife’s mouth with the same forceful nature he’d previously been applying to his daughter’s best friend. You gaze in amazement as the husband face-fucks his wife with abandon, fresh with the taste of another woman’s pussy. You think that you have to capture that for posterity somehow, as you’ll never be able to imagine Rachel’s mom in another light ever again. You look down at her phone and notice the thing is unlocked. How the heck is it unlocked in this day and age?

Of all the stuff going on today, an unlocked phone isn’t the strangest thing. No, that would currently be your step-mother being double penetrated by some of your school friends near the kitchen. Flipping the phone into the camera function, you walk over towards Rachel’s mom and dad, your erect cock leading the way. As you get close, you crouch down and begin taking photographs of Rachel’s mother as the face-fucking continues. She looks panicked when she realizes what you’re doing, but as she tries to pull her mouth off his dick, Rachel’s dad grabs her by the back of the head and plunges it down even harder. “You’ve got to be rough with this one son, it’s the only thing that gets her off.”

As you look up at him, he looks over at Monica, “You ready for some more?” She spreads her legs once more in anticipation, and he switches holes back to his little girl’s friend.

It takes Rachel’s mom a few moments to regain composure. A mixture of spit and pre-cum leaks from her mouth as she gasps, trying to suck as much air in as possible after the rough handling at the hands of her husband. Taking his advice into account, you stick two fingers back up her pussy once more, and grind on the butt-plug with your thumb. “That’s one down, two to go,” you tell her and wave her phone at her.

She shakes her head no and reaches for the phone. You grin and pull it away. “You still getting your breath back? I’ll call him for you.” Pulling your fingers back out her pussy, you page through to her contacts, getting pussy juice all over the screen of her phone. For a neat freak such as her, that must drive her even more nuts than she is already. You pull up her son’s details and call him. He picks up in a matter of moments. “Hey, it’s Ross. Did your parents and sister tell you what they were up to today?”

You get up and start walking towards Rachel. Her mom gets to her feet and follows you, tugging on your arm to get you off the phone, but not nearly hard enough to be effective. “Oh I see. Well that wasn’t true — they’re around my house having an orgy at the moment.”

You pause as you hear his disbelief at the other end. “No, I’m not joking. Here, your mom needs to ask you something.”

You cover the phone with your sticky hand and look at Rachel’s mom. “You need to say: I’m in an orgy at the moment with my tits out. Your dad just fucked my face and now I need Ross to fuck my pussy. If you don’t — well then, no dick for you and I might send him the photos I just took anyway.”

She stands in the middle of the room, stunned, before snatching the phone out of your hand and speaking into it. “Son, Ross was right, we’re at an orgy. Your dad is fucking Monica right now. Yes I know you always had a thing for her, well, so did he. I want Ross to fuck me so badly, you can’t understand.”

She pauses, listening to the response. “Fine. Get around here as soon as you can and I’ll do that.” A further pause. “Okay, see you soon, love you.” She hands you back the phone, and looks at you. “Okay, you win. He’s coming around as soon as he can.”

“Great! The more the merrier. Now just one more person to ask.” You grab her by the corset and lead her over the final few steps to Rachel. With some fortuitous timing, John is just finishing spraying his load over your girlfriend’s face. He must have been storing it up for some time, as it’s matted in her hair, across her lips and cheeks and up onto her forehead.

“Don’t worry about it,” she tells him. “My dad sorted me out with some little blue pills. They’re in the kitchen cupboard next to the decent whisky above the sink.”

With that, John toddles off towards the kitchen, leaving you, Rachel, her mom and Jamie alone in the middle of the orgy. Rachel is looking frustrated, as she tries to wipe some rather thick cum out of her eyes, which just seems to spread it even more. She’s probably also frustrated because of the length of time she’s been bouncing up and down on Jamie’s monster cock to no avail.

“Rachel, I’m going to fuck your mom’s pussy. Is that okay?”

She looks up at you through the goop, letting out grunts as she goes down on Jamie’s dick. “That’s fine, but we need some help here as this is taking a while.” She looks up at her mother, seeing her with her breasts out for the first time since she was a baby. “Mom, I need you to lie down on the floor. I’ll lie over you, and you can lick my clit and Jamie’s cock as needed. Ross will then fuck your pussy.”

You always love it when she takes charge!