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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK...)

You place your hand around Monica’s lower back and pull her in top of you while you roll onto your back to lie down on the bed. She’s sitting on your lap. You can feel the warmth of her pussy on your cock as rubs her slit up and down the length of your cock.

“I want you so bad” she says.

“Yeah, should we use a condom?” you ask.

“Nooo, I want to feel you inside me,” she says, smiling. With that, she lifts her hips up, wraps her hand firmly around your cock and lines it up with her pussy as she slowly lowers herself down.

You close your eyes as your big cock slowly stretches her tight pussy, like a glove that is a few sizes too small.

“Fuck, Monica, you’re so tight” you exclaim.

As she bounces up and down on your cock, her pussy starts getting wetter, helping her slide up and down. You look up at her as she’s squeezing her tits, bouncing up and down faster and faster. You’ve never felt a pussy feel so amazing tight, so wet and warm.