Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK...)

You look over to see the door slowly opening. Your girlfriend Rachel peaks her head in, with a big smile on her face. She has already removed all her clothing, except for a bright red see-through thong. You look back at her friend Monica who is still riding your cock with her eyes closed, really enjoying herself.

Rachel walks up behind Monica, reaching between her legs and rubbing her clit as your cock is still going deep inside of her.

Monica slowly opens her eyes and sees Rachel. She stops, panics and rolls off you.

“Oh fuck, Rachel, I… I…” she tries to explain.

Your girlfriend smiles. “Shhh, that’s the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I love watching you ride my boyfriend’s cock.”

“Really?” Rachel asks in surprise.

“Yeah, I want to watch you fuck him, until you cum,” Rachel says.

Monica is still unsure about what to do. She stare at your cock as she bites her lip.

Rachel starts licking your cock from the base all the way to the tip. Then she takes it as far into her mouth as she can before gagging. She pulls it out again and starts jerking you off as she stares at Monica. “Do you want to have have more fun?”

Monica nods.

Your girlfriend removes her panties and tosses them to the floor. She crawls on the bed and starts kissing your neck. Then she lies back and you sit up. She spreads her legs and starts running her fingers up her pussy before slowing inserting one. All while looking at her best friend.

You whisper to Monica, “I want to keep fucking you so badly.”

Monica smiles as she tentatively moves closer to your girlfriend. Slowly starting to kiss Rachel’s inner thigh. Slowly moving up her leg. Slowly running her tongue up the slit of Rachel’s pussy.

You watch on as you move in behind Monica. She has her ass up in the air as she continues to eat out Rachel.

You grab her buttocks as you line up your cock and thrust it deep inside her pussy, then pull her back by her hips as you push forward. You feel your cock slide against her pussy walls, going as deep as you can with each thrust. You have never felt such euphoria in your life.

You hear Monica yell with pleasure. “Ohhh fuck.. right there, Ross! Right there… yes!”

As you continue thrusting you can feel Monica’s pussy tighten around your cock. “Oh my god, I’m cumming!” she yells.

After Monica recovers, you pull out and both girls jump up. Your girlfriend takes your cock and shoves it in her mouth, sucking all of Monica’s pussy juices off of it.

She smiles. “My turn, lie down.”

You do as you’re told and your girlfriend throws her leg over you and lines your cock up as she slowly lowers herself down. She starts grinding back and forth.

Monica is sitting beside you. You grab her by her hips and pull her on top of you. “I want to taste you again.”

She sits her pussy lips against your face. You start licking her as she rubs her pussy back and forth on your face and you feel the juices run down your face and tongue.

After a few minutes of this they climb off you. You get up and tell them both to lie down. You pull them one by one to the end of the bed, so that their asses are right at the edge.

You start with your girlfriend, thrusting your cock deep inside her as hard and as fast as you can.

“Keep going, I’m almost there,” she moans.

You watch as Rachel bucks her hips up and feel her juices exploding around your cock. “Oh my fucking god, I’m cumming!” she yells.

You smile as you switch over to Monica, thrusting your cock deep inside of her. Her pussy is still really tight and feels amazing. You keep thrusting forward, bringing yourself to the verge of cumming.

She pushes you back with her hand as she squirts. “Oh fuck,” she moans.

You quickly thrust your cock back into Monica, pounding harder and faster than before, watching as her tits bounce around on her chest.

You feel it coming as you plunge your cock deep inside her pussy and keep it there. You fill her pussy with your warm cum. Then you pull out and spray cum all over her gaping pussy lips.

Rachel immediately starts sucking your cock, cleaning all the cum off of it. “You better clean her up too,” you tell her, pointing at Monica’s pussy.

Your girlfriend starts licking the cum off Monica’s pussy, sticking her tongue inside of her.

Exhausted you all lie back on the bed. You have the girls on either side of you as you slowly drift off to sleep.

You are woken by the feel of a hand wrapped around your cock. As you open your eyes you notice it’s Monica’s hand. You look and see that your girlfriend is fast asleep.

Monica whispers in your ear, “I hope next time I get you to myself,” and she starts jerking you off.

The End