Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by mrcuckoldforlife...)

“Well, look who is here!” says John, smirking when he notices you can’t look away from the size of his penis.

“H-hey,” you say nervously, not knowing what’s gonna happen now.

“Ross, are you doing what I think you doing?” Rachel asks you, noticing that you are looking at John’s seven-inch dick.

“Yeah, I noticed it too! Ross is looking at my cock! Hey, Rachel seems like that your little man like big cocks too,” John says while he and Rachel begin to laugh.

You begin to become a little embarrassed by the comments of your girlfriend and her boss.

“Well, I was thinking about something these last few days, and since seems that you can’t stop staring at my dick, I have a suggestion for you,” continues John. “You can suck my dick and continue to watch your girlfriend getting fucked, or you can leave Rachel and leave the house and let me replace you as her boyfriend!” John smirks, knowing what’s gonna be the answer.

“Ooh I like this idea!” says Rachel happily.

What are you gonna do? Do you suck John’s dick and continue with Rachel in your house? Or do you leave the love of your life and your house and become a homeless man knowing that Rachel’s boss makes her happier than you can?