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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

Rachel’s mother is taken aback by the suggestion, since she presumably didn’t come here to lick her daughter’s pussy while it was getting fucked. But while she mumbles a response that no-one in particular is listening to, you put your hands on her shoulders and push her lightly down towards the carpeted floor. Even though you aren’t being at all forceful, this is the only encouragement required as she sinks down onto her ass and then lies down, ready for her fucking.

Rachel lifts herself off Jamie’s cock with his help and takes her position, situated above her mother. She has at least managed to get John’s cum out of her eyes, but it’s still in her hair and she’s missed some on her chin. She looks as sexy as hell — you never really realized how much you would get off seeing another man’s jizz plastered across her face. Jamie is getting to his knees behind her now, and is just about ready to re-enter her when you suddenly realize something.

“Jamie, this is Rachel’s mom. Rachel’s mom, this is Jamie. I don’t think you’ve properly met before.”

Jamie looks down past his cock to the woman’s face underneath. “Hi. It’s… erm — nice to meet you.”

“Why don’t you be a sweetie and let me suck on the tip of your cock for a moment before you plow my daughter again? Let’s see if we can get it nice and hard for her,” suggests your future mother-in-law. Jamie doesn’t need to be told twice, and aims the tip of his cock at her full-lipped mouth and enters it. He finds no resistance as he pushes inch after inch in.

Rachel is looking around at the scene impatiently as Jamie gets distracted from her pussy and starts fucking her mother’s mouth. “Hey mom, stop stealing my dick already!”

Your dick?” you say. Rachel’s head snaps back around, realizing the insinuation she just made about your best friend’s cock instead of yours. However, you have a plan. One that has been influenced by some mother/daughter fantasies of yours ever since you met her mother. “Well, since you wanted your parents here Rachel, why don’t you get your mom ready for me?”

With that, you forcefully push Rachel’s head down to her mother’s pussy. Well, it’s not like she’s actually resisting, only really enough to let you know that this was not her idea.

“Alright Jamie, you may start fucking my girlfriend again. Just don’t get used to it, alright?”

Rachel starts to lift her head to say something, but you push it down again until her mouth is grinding her mother’s clit. Jamie’s cock comes out of Rachel’s mom’s mouth with a pop and a sigh as she tries to suck in some air, and then he slides it back into Rachel’s pussy.

Despite you not getting any action yourself, you happily watch as Rachel is pounded over and over. Her mother, between her gasps at her daughter’s actions on her pussy, is reciprocating the best that she can. She sticks her tongue out and simply catches Jamie’s balls with it as they pass her face repeatedly. Rachel is also making a lot of noise from Jamie’s renewed efforts, although they’re muffled somewhat as you continue to hold her face down into her mother.