Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

Despite your step-mother’s suggestion that she wanted you to shoot your load down her throat, you find the opportunity to fuck her ass too much to take and immediately blurt out, “I’ll do it.”

She smiles up at you. “I was looking forward to sucking you off, but I guess we could always do that another time.”

Wait, did she just suggest that she wanted to do that outside of the orgy? Nah, she probably just meant later. Hang on, that’d mean ass to mouth wouldn’t it? You reach over and grab some handy nearby lube and make your way around behind her.

She begins working the sports douche’s cock back to life as you apply some lube to your own. She’s already removed her panties at some point (if she actually wore any in the first place) and so you have an unobstructed view of her pussy and asshole. She looks good for her age, although you have to wonder why she really wanted someone to fuck her ass and not her pussy. She’s in no position to answer though, as the douche is at it again. This time, he’s forcefully face-fucking her. Based on her reaction, and her continued jacking off of the other guy, she must be into it. Perhaps she likes it rough?

Since she isn’t going to tell you ‘no,’ what with her mouth full and all, you decide to shove your cock into her pussy for a second. It’s tighter than expected, and so warm and inviting. You can’t help but fuck her for a moment, but she forces the cock out of her mouth so she can turn her head and tell you off. “Fuck my ass, not my pussy, it never gets me off.” That’s all she gets out, before the other douche impales her face on his cock instead.

You’ve always been a bit of a mommy’s boy, even before your step-mom was around. So you do as you’re told. You pull your dick out of her pussy and position it at her asshole. Despite her demand to fuck it hard and fast, you first have to force your cock into a much tighter hole. Once you’ve managed to get the head to slip in, the rest of your shaft slowly follows. You pull it out until it’s just the edge of the head holding it in place like a plug, and then you plunge it back in.

As you continue the motion and gradually increase the tempo, she responds, pushing back onto your dick for even greater penetration.

Sports douche suddenly has a brainwave. “Guys, I’ve got a great idea. There’s three of us, and there’s three holes.”

“Every hole’s a goal,” chimes in the other one as he continues to plunge his dick into your step-mom’s mouth.

These guys are literally the worst. But sometimes, they have ideas that aren’t all that terrible.