Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Theolno...)

The sight of your girlfriend’s glistening pussy disappears from view as she lowers herself onto your face. Her asscheeks nestle over your face as you offer up your tongue. Mistress lets out a satisfied groan as your moist tongue pushes against her hole. At this touch she pushes down against you, ordering you to push your tongue deep inside.

You are struggling for air now but have no control as she grinds down on your face. With no other choice you push your tongue into her tight little hole as she rocks back and forth.

You begin to wriggle, desperate for air, and your lucky mistress senses this and lifts off just an inch or so. You stare at her wet asshole, wondering what it would be like to fuck it… but you know you are not the one calling the shots right now.

Rachel lets out a giggle. She seems to be loving this control. “Why have you stopped eating my ass?” she asks.

Before you have time to answer you hear a slap and a sudden stinging sensation on your inner thigh. The mix of pain and pleasure is something that you haven’t experienced before.

“But mistress…” you begin.

“You haven’t finished eating my ass!”

Your mind is now spinning. Should you carry on eating out her tight asshole to get your reward, or make her punish you a little more?