Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Md...)

You lift your head so you can trace your tongue around the curves of Rachel’s ass. You can feel her relax a little as she sits back down, allowing your tongue to work its way back inside.

Your girlfriend’s ass cheeks push against your face, cutting off your air supply, as you lap away at her hole. Rachel is obviously enjoying this as she begins to grind down harder on your face. You struggle and wriggle for air but she keeps grinding.

You think you are about to black out when she lifts off a little and hears you gasp heavily for air.

Your mistress shows her contempt for your mini break by reaching forward and giving your erect cock a slap. This feels strangely erotic to you. “More mistress, please give me more,” you beg, before ramming your tongue deep inside her ass.

Pleased with your determination to tongue-fuck her ass, you feel her give your cock another slap, this time a little harder.

Your hips buck upwards each time she slaps you.

“Do you think you deserve your reward yet?” you hear your mistress ask. But she forces herself back onto your face to stop you from answering.

Teasingly, she asks you again, but this time lets you reply.

“Yes, let me at your pussy,” you gasp.

“Oh dear, oh dear! You didn’t call me ‘mistress’ and that didn’t sound like the begging I expect!”

She lifts off your face and kneels next to you. You go to speak but she puts a finger over your lips silencing you.

“Let me think,” she says slowly. “Should I forgive my little toy or should I punish his insolence?”