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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Don Helio...)

“I love you, and I want you to be happy, but no,” you say firmly.

Rachel pulls away from you and hops off the bed. You sit up and lean towards her. “He’s my best mate babe. And Jamie and I have shared a woman before.” You remember your ex and shudder a little. “It didn’t end well.” (At least, not for you.)

“But, but you said you want me to be happy, that you’d try to make it happen,” Rachel pouts.

“What about John, your boss?” you suggest, trying to remedy the situation.

“You’d let me sleep with my nasty boss over your super hot best friend?” Rachel askes indignantly.

The words ‘super hot best friend’ sting a little but you let it go. Jamie is one hell of a good looking guy. You honestly can’t blame Rachel for wanting him, you just wish she didn’t. You look at Rachel, naked in front of you. Her perfect tits, those wonderful and erect nipples. You can feel yourself beginning to waver, but try and stick to your guns on this.