Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Don Helio...)

“John and you dated once, didn’t you?” you ask, deciding to stick to your guns. Rachel looks uncomfortable now, she’d forgotten you knew that. You smile.

“I think you should ask John,” you continue, lying back down. “Let me know how that goes. Oh, and I’ll be asking your best friend Monica if I can bang her while you’re off fucking John.”

Rachel screams in frustration and storms out of the room. You smile to yourself. You like the idea of fucking Monica. So much so that your cock twitches a little and you reach down to stroke it.

Picturing Monica’s firm tits and big nipples you begin to lightly stroke the shaft of your cock up and down. You imagine your cock between her tits, fucking them. Her soft moans sound so real in your head you can’t help but moan yourself. You feel your climax building. As hot cum spurts from the tip of your cock, you picture it landing on Monica’s face.

Finished you roll over to fall asleep.

Yes, this was a good idea. Rachel can fuck someone who isn’t your best friend, and you can fuck her best friend. Sure she’s unhappy now, but once she feels another guy’s cock in her she’ll be happy. After all, that’s all she wants.