Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Don Helio...)

The next morning after Rachel has left for yoga, you call up Jamie and ask him to come over. You’re starting to question again whether or not this was the right move, but you love Rachel and want her to have everything. Jamie is quick to come over. Something in your voice has told him that whatever you want to talk about is important.

“What’s going on bud?” he says the minute he’s through the door.

“Let’s talk over a beer,” you say and the two of you walk into the kitchen for a drink. It’s early, but you need one, and Jamie never says no to a drink. Beers in hand, you stand across from one another in the kitchen. There’s no easy way to say this, so you jump right to it, knowing Jamie can handle anything you throw his way.

“Rachel wants to fuck you,” you blurt out.

Jamie spits a mouthful of beer out and stares at you open mouthed. “Come again?”

“Well she’d like to,” you reply. Then, seeing that he isn’t laughing, you go on to explain the night before. “So she wants to fuck you. Just you and her,” you add. It still stings. It would be one thing if she wanted to fuck you both, but no, her fantasy is just Jamie.

You study Jamie as he mulls this over. You can’t help but glance down and notice the bulge in his pants. It’s obvious he’s turned on by the thought. Jamie fidgets a little and you know he’s itching to reach down and stroke his cock.

“I told her I’d see if you were into it. Try and talk you into doing it for her,” you choke out. Jamie eyes you.

“No need pal. If it’s what you guys want, I’m down.” Jamie shrugs like it’s no big deal. “When?”

You’re shocked — you expected him to put up some resistance to this. But you should have known he’d do it. Rachel is the hottest chick you’ve ever been with, of course Jamie wants to do her too. You can’t blame him really.

“Tonight?” you decide on the spot. Better to get it over with quickly. “Rachel should be home soon. I’m sure she’s eager to do it.”

Jamie grins. “Mind if I rub one out before then? Wanna last for your hot girlfriend, dude.” Jamie sets his drink down and finds his way to the bathroom. You finish your drink and decide to rub one out too. If Jamie and Rachel are getting off today, then you sure as hell are too.

Grabbing your favorite porn you settle down in the living room. Let Rachel see you with your hard cock in hand when she gets home. Movie in, you strip down and get comfortable. Your hand is already stroking, helping you grow. You reach maximum growth and are really getting into it when a sweaty Rachel walks in.

You wonder if you should tell her about Jamie being there, or just invite her to finish you off. She licks her lips and you can tell she’s turned on by the sight of you jerking your cock.