Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Don Helio...)

You decide to tell Rachel that Jamie is there, but not before getting a little something out of it. After all, she is your girl, and you are the one who just got her wet.

“Come over here and suck my cock, woman,” you say, “and I’ll tell you a secret.”

Obediently Rachel drops her yoga mat and rushes over. She drops to her knees between your legs. Giving you a sultry look, she wraps a hand around your cock and then pops it in her mouth. She flicks the tip with her tongue before descending down over it, devouring your hard-on. A moan of pleasure escapes you both. Her wet mouth and skilled tongue feel too good.

You enjoy the way she gently squeezes your balls while licking and lapping at your cock. You enjoy it as long as you can before the voice in your head reminds you that Jamie is waiting for his turn with your girlfriend. Besides, you told her you’d tell her a secret. Then again you never said when, and Jamie still hasn’t emerged. You’re getting close too, and you deserve to get your finish.

“So close,” you grunt, grabbing her head and helping her pick up speed. Together, your hands guiding her head, her mouth and tongue doing the work you reach your peak and blow a hefty load of hot cum deep into her throat. She chokes a little, and it only makes you cum harder. Finished, you let her remove her lips from your still throbbing cock.

“Jamie’s here,” you reveal. Rachel is stunned. She wipes her mouth slowly and stands up, just as Jamie walks in.

“Hey Rachel, I hear you wanna fuck,” he says cheerfully. “And since your man has gotten his fill, I’d say it’s our turn, babe.”

You hate him suddenly, but Rachel looks so excited, and you can practically see her cunt dripping with anticipation. You shrug and bend down to pull on your pants. Rachel gives you a kiss before dashing over and taking Jamie’s hand. He winks at you and together they disappear down the hall to your bedroom.

You now have three choices. You could stay and listen to your best mate bang the woman you love, leave and find someone else to fuck (hey, if she can do it, so can you) or you could sneak down the hall and watch!