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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You get Rachel a sexy maid outfit complete with a choker which can attach to a leash, fishnet stockings that go all the way up to her thunder thighs, a short skirt that doesn’t cover anything and leaves her thong exposed, and a corset top that squeezes her round belly and pushes her large breasts together for miles of cleavage.

Today she is cleaning the countertop and, as she scrubs, her breasts seem to be in danger of falling out of the corset. The doorbell rings and before you can even ask her to get it, Rachel is already off to answer it.

“Look who it is, Ross,” she calls to you from the other room. “It’s your buddy Jamie.”

Your best friend follows in behind Rachel. He looks at you with a cocked eyebrow and points to your girlfriend and mouths, “what the fuck?”

She is already back to scrubbing as he sits down. He doesn’t even try to hide watching her. “What the hell is going on?”

“She wanted to be my slave, so I got her the outfit.”

“Fuck, I didn’t know I was into bigger chicks,” Jamie says and then he goes red. “I didn’t mean to say that. She’s your girlfriend. Did you want her to…?” He’s trying to be polite as he just signals with his arms “fat.”

You nod and then get a brilliant idea. “Hey Rachel! Come over here.”

She comes trotting over.

“Turn around and bend over,” you command. Right in front of Jamie she turns a sexy pirouette and then arches her back, pushing out her huge ass, leaving very little to the imagination in her thong.

“Holy fuck!” Jamie blurts out.

A smirk crosses your face as you give your next command. “Crawl over to Jamie.”

Without any hesitation your girlfriend gets on her hands and knees, tits almost falling out of the corset, and crawls over to Jamie. She climbs up onto his lap then asks, “What should I do next?”