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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

You roll your girlfriend over on to her stomach and tie her hands to the headboard. You kick her legs apart and kneel between them. You sit still for a moment, making her wonder what will happen to her and when.

The anticipation builds.

You pick up the vibrator and turn it on. Rachel moans in anticipation as she hears the rhythmic vibes begin. You trace the tip from her ankle and up the back of her calf.

She lifts her ass off the bed as if begging for you to penetrate her with the vibe. But that would be too easy.

You push her back flat on the bed while continuing moving the vibe along the contours of her legs, over the knee and up her deliciously firm thighs. She lets out a little groan as you move the vibrations to her inner thigh. Again she tries to lift her thighs from the bed to give you access to her already-dripping pussy. But you force her back down again.

You slide the vibe up between the bed and her pussy. Her toy is now wedged securely between the bed and her pussy lips that are parting around it. As the vibrations move through her, you push it just far enough to rest against her clit also.

You lean forward and whisper in her ear. “Don’t lift off that vibe!”

“Yes sir,” she replies with lust and excitement building.

You stand beside the bed and admire Rachel’s naked body that she has submitted to you. You see her begin to grind down onto the vibrations, at which point you quietly pick up the paddle.

You wait until your girlfriend lets out a moan and then you suddenly, and without warning, bring the paddle down on her ass cheek. She yelps and wriggles at the sudden sting.

“What do you have to say?” you ask.

“Not too hard,” she replies.

You smack the paddle down on her ass again and whisper, “You didn’t call me sir! Show some respect!”

“Sorry sir!”

You begin to spank her ass over and over with the paddle. You put your hand in the small of her back and push her down hard as you slap her ass harder and harder.

She begins to squeal a little as the soreness of her reddening ass and the pleasures from the vibes of her toy bring a perfect balance of pleasure and pain.

You reach down with your hand and find that the heat and wetness draws your fingers in. You slide two fingers in and curl them down to her g-spot.

Your girlfriend begins to rock her hips rhythmically into your fingers and down into the vibrator. You can hear her breathe quicker and she mumbles.

“I’m going to cum!”

Will you let her cum or deny her for a little longer?