Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Klolz...)

You smile because you both know what’s going to happen next. You take your cock out and aim it at Rachel’s snatch as she opens her legs. You hold her hips and thrust hard while she keeps jerking the two cocks in her hands. She yelps.

You keep fucking her and she keeps jerking the two guys off.

“You like that, honey?” you ask her, while ploughing her cunt.

“Oh fuck yeah. It’s so deep,” she moans.

You can smell the cum on her face and neck. Her pussy feels wetter and warmer than it ever has before. It’s as if it’s guiding your cock. It sucks it in when you thrust, and pushes it out when you’re withdrawing. You feel her ankles on the small of your back as she pulls you in for harder thrusts. The smell of cum has mixed with the odor of sweat.

Your hands slide from her waist to her butt — her soft, warm, slightly sweaty butt. You squeeze the delicate flesh of her ass and it’s heaven. You want to switch positions.

The cocks look like they’re about to cum, so you reluctantly pull out to get out of the blast radius. Your girlfriend grits her teeth and yanks the cocks hard. In two seconds flat they’re both jizzing on the two sides of her face, coating it with a fresh layer of thick, white cum. She’s relishing it.

Mad with lust, you grab Rachel by her hair, pull her up, and push her against the wall. She’s thrusting her ass out and you spit on your dick once before shoving it up her butt. She screams but you know she’s enjoying it.

Keeping her pinned there, you keep pounding her ass raw, until you hear complaints from two guys in the adjacent cubicles.

“Shut the fuck up, assholes. I’m trying to fuck my girlfriend!” you yell at them.

You feel like you’re going to cum. Her ass just feels too hot. So you pull her hair down her back and dump your load in her butt, then you withdraw and let her fall to the ground. You can see the cum leaking out her buttcrack.

And that’s when you notice the door is open, and the two guys from the holes are standing there.

“What’s the deal, bro?” one of them asks.