Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

You pull yourself out of Rachel’s pussy and take a step back to admire your handiwork. Her pussy does have a certain gape to it that you’ve never noticed before. She immediately begins to crawl along Jamie’s prone body, lifting her leg over his cock. She reaches back and finally undoes her own bra, tossing it to the side before shoving a nipple into his mouth. Once he begins to work at that, she reaches back and begins to position herself to mount his cock.

You begin to survey the surroundings, mostly to see what could be the next target for your dick. Your step-mom looks really busy, as you can barely see her for the crowd of young men surrounding her. Your sister has gone to her knees in front of Rachel’s mom and is beginning to lick her pussy while pushing her back against the wall. You can hear her moans above everyone else’s.

That is until suddenly, Rachel’s foot gives way and she slips, plunging her full weight down onto Jamie’s monster cock. It hits the target, slipping straight in to the hilt, much to her delight/anguish as she lets out a guttural noise that mixes pain and delight. You hear Monica behind you yell, “I’m next for that one!” in response.

Rachel meanwhile is impaled and trying to get her breath back. She changes position into a squat, and begins to move herself up and down on the giant dick. She begins to make animalistic noises under her breath as she goes up and down, while Jamie reaches up and plays with her nipples.

You’re lost in the moment as her dad walks past you over to her, and waves his dick, dripping with Monica’s juices, in her face. She’s so caught in the moment too that she doesn’t even look up to see who it is, but instead just takes the cock into her mouth. This muffles some of the cries she is beginning to make as she re-approaches orgasm; the sudden shock of Jamie’s cock having previously knocked her off her rhythm.

As it turns out, Rachel’s dad likes to play quite rough. He grabs her by the back of the head, and begins face-fucking her in earnest. This is your girlfriend, being used as a total cumslut whore by both your best friend and her father. In fact, you’re not even entirely sure she knows that she is being face-fucked by her father since her hair has been thrown all over the place as he slams his dick into her mouth.

He decides to get some variety out of his daughter’s hole, by switching to some forced deep-throating. He grabs Rachel by the back of the head and pushes his cock into her mouth as far it can possible go, and then pushes a little bit more. Her face turns increasing redder, past the normal excitement into asphyxiation. She begins to slap him on the side of the legs to let him know to release her head, and he takes a little longer than he should before he relents. She takes a couple of short breaths and is about to complain, when he forces his cock down her throat again.