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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ron Spankadocious...)

“Fine, I’ll suck your dick!” you say, as you don’t want to leave your girlfriend.

“Looks like your little man wants to suck my dick,” John says to Rachel. She appears shocked by what you said.

You get down on your knees and start stroking his dick. Eventually you find yourself sucking the tip, using your tongue as well.

As time passes, you suck John’s dick deeper and deeper and eventually he starts fucking your mouth, much to your dismay.

John and Rachel start laughing. You feel insulted and stop sucking John’s dick. John is laughing so hard, it makes you want to punch him.

“Since I still have time for you Ross, let’s make a deal,” he says, still laughing. “I will fuck you and you can continue to watch your girlfriend getting fucked. If not, you will have to leave your girlfriend and I will replace you as her boyfriend.”

“This man is sick,” you think to yourself.

What are you gonna do? Do you want to get fucked by John and continue with Rachel in your house? Or do you refuse and leave Rachel and you become homeless knowing that Rachel’s boss makes her happier than you can?