Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by XP...)

The next day you go to work and are told once again that Claire needs you for yet another day. On arrival in her office she yells at you to go beneath her desk.

As you climb under you notice she’s got her pussy hanging out, only being concealed by her desk. She gestures for you to start and you immediately begin licking her pussy lips with your tongue. She wraps her legs around you, pulling your face deep into her wet cunt as you continue licking.

Suddenly you notice that one of the guys from work (you never caught his name) is walking into Claire’s office. As you thoroughly lick every fold of Clair’s pussy and dig deep inside with your tongue you can hear them exchanging words, though you cannot make out what they are saying because of Claire’s inner thighs clamped over your ears.

After he walks out Claire springs into an immediate orgasms and pushes you deep enough that your face burns from pressure. She pushes you away after she calms down.

“Can you be my new secretary?” she gasps.