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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eagle154...)

“I want to be hypnotized by you!” says your girlfriend eagerly.

This is great! Finally all those hypnotism lessons you’ve been taking will pay off. You can think of a dozen annoying things that Rachel does that could be easily fixed with a little bit of hypnotism.

“Anything specific you want me to do?” you ask her. “I can make you bark like a dog when you hear the word ‘walkies’…”

“I’m sure you can think of something more interesting than that,” replies Rachel. “I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and the idea of being so completely under someone’s control is a massive turn on. You’re my boyfriend and I trust you, so let’s have some fun!”

“No problemo,” you say, whipping out your special hypnosis pendant from under the pillow. “Okay, look at this pendant and I’m going to count down from five and then you’ll be under my power.”

Rachel stares at the swinging pendant as you count down. “Five, four, three, two, one… Rachel, you are now under my power.”

“I am under your power,” she replies like a zombie.

You scrutinize her face, looking for tell-tale signs that she is just messing with you, but it seems like it has worked.

“Right. Now, when you hear the word ‘drama’ you will…”