Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by leprechaun...)

Rachel looks at you with her doe-like eye and sweet lips and says, “Honey I want to give you a foot job while wearing stockings.”

You scratch your head for a moment, thinking that this is more your fantasy than hers, and finally tell her that you would love to feel her nice size-six feet wrapped around your cock.

Your girlfriend un-buckles your pants and slides them off with your boxers. She uses her hand to start to get you hard. After a few strokes of her hand your prick is fully erect, so she turns around on her knees with her ass facing you.

Rachel asks you to take her feet in your hands and guide them towards your cock. You grab her feet and slide closer with your cock rock hard. You wrap her feet around your cock and tell her to start moving them up and down. Pretty soon she gets into a good rhythm and you can feel your cock getting ready to explode.

You moan out her name and her feet are pumping faster and faster. Pretty soon you shoot your sticky load all over the soles of her stocking-clad feet.