Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by K147...)

“Let’s do this,” you tell Monica. Your girlfriend never let you do anal — and this is the best opportunity you’re gonna get.

She smiles and gets on her knees to lubricate your dick with her mouth. It’s incredible you haven’t come yet, given the way she’s sloppily slobbering all over your dick. Her lips and chin are dripping with saliva and precum.

She gets up and turns around to get on all fours. You slap her bum once. She giggles.

“Your ass looks dry,” you warn her.

“Spit on it,” she replies huskily.

You spread Monica’s ass cheeks and spit — several times. And you spread it around using your fingers. You even shove two wet fingers inside to really prepare her. You realize her ass looks pretty delicious. Hairless and wet. Would she mind if you rimmed her? You start salivating.

Fuck it.

You dive in between her cheeks and eat her ass out. You hear her shiver and moan, saying, “Fuck, Ross, I love you!”

Smiling, you keep licking her rectum until its sopping wet.

Then you stand up, place two hands on her hips, and push your dick inside. Both of you moan as your dick head crosses her tight anal sphincter. Once inside, you draw out, and then starting fucking her slow.

“Fuck yes!” you hear her exclaim.

You pick up the pace, slapping your thighs against the back of hers.

“Yes, fuck. Rachel never lets me do this.”

She laughs through her moans.

Your phone starts ringing. It’s your girlfriend. That bitch. Fucking your best friend. You have an idea. You cut the call.

“Babe — I’m about to come!”

Monica gets off and on her knees in no time, mouth open with her tongue sticking out.

You shoot all over her face and tits. She’s smiling in the after glory. Giggling, she plays with the cum on her tongue. You take a picture of her.

“Hey!” she says.

“What? Something to remember you by. When you’re not around.”

“Haha okay,” she says. And then starts posing. She uses your cock to spread the cum over her face. She gargles with your cum. After many, many pictures, she swallows it all, asking “So how was that, babe?”

“Excellent,” you say. Now to send all these pictures to your girlfriend.