Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bobbison...)

“I want a foursome!” your girlfriend says. “With my friend Monica and your step sister Amy!”

You smile and say, “Absolutely.”

Rachel immediately calls them both and they head over. Monica arrives first. As you walk in the door, you grin. She is tiny. She is significantly shorter than you, and you know she’ll be hard-pressed to fit your cock. Then your step-sister Amy arrives, wearing tight leggings that show off her firm ass. She grins. “Let’s get started.”

You swiftly decide that it is Monica’s turn first. You shred off her clothes as she gasps. Then she kneels and slowly pulls down your boxers. She almost screams when she sees your cock. She holds up her forearm to measure, and sure enough, your cock is longer. She wastes no time and begins jerking and sucking your huge cock.

As she does, you rip open Amy’s tights and begin to spank her. She cries as you redden her cheeks.

You soon tire of Monica just jerking you and you lift her away. You place her on the bed and quickly impale her with your cock. She screams in pain and pleasure. You start to thrust, your cock making a visible bump on her stomach.

Rachel has been watching with a growing sense of annoyance. This was supposed to be her fantasy, but so far it’s just been you shagging her friend and your slutty step-sister. She quickly climbs over Monica’s face and presses her pussy down on her gasping mouth.

You keep thrusting and spanking Amy. Monica cums multiple times as you hammer her, and she screams almost constantly into Rachel’s pussy. Right as you are about to cum, you pull out, showering Monica with hot, sticky cum. Her petite frame shakes as your cum covers her tits and face, even going in her hair.

“Who’s next?”