Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bobbison...)

Amy’s eyes are wide after seeing what you did to Monica. “I want you to dominate me like that,” she says, blushing furiously.

You smile, all too happy to oblige. You push your step-sister to the ground and force her to deep-throat your cock. You hold her down on your long shaft as mascara streams down her face.

Meanwhile, Rachel and her friend Monica waste no time and start eating each other out. You continue to hold Amy down as she gags. Finally, you release her and saliva and cum explode out of her mouth, soaking her perky breasts. She looks up at you and grins, licking herself.

You throw her onto the bed, and decide to go for the asshole. You shove in none-too-gently, and she wails as you do. You start to thrust as you fuck her into the bed.

You decide to grab your belt and start going at Rachel’s ass, leaving angry red lines. Your girlfriend screams out, and you just get harder.

Meanwhile, you continue to viciously pound Amy as she screams. Her asshole is incredibly tight, and without lubrication she is probably in immense pain. Regardless, you keep fucking her and strapping Rachel’s ass.

How can Monica join in?