Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bobbison...)

You smile and tell Monica to look in your drawer. She walks over and gasps, picking up a huge dildo. You tell her to come over and give it to you, while you are still pounding your step-sister’s ass. Monica lies down and hands you the dildo. You start to shove it in to her, stretching her tight pussy.

She cries out as you push more in. “Oh yes, Ross, that feels so fucking good!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!”

You squeeze a pump, and the dildo starts to expand, stretching her more.

As Amy screams in orgasm, you decided that it’s Rachel’s turn. You pull out of your step-sister, leaving her twitching on the bed and move over to your girlfriend. Meanwhile Monica is still screaming as it grows inside her.

Rachel grins, clearly loving how you dominated her friends. She gazes at you. “Me next?”

You grin, rubbing your huge shaft. “Of course.”

Rachel gasps as you hurl her onto the bed and shove your cock into her asshole. She screams out as you thrust, hard. You pump her aggressively, slapping her pale ass to turn it red.

Meanwhile, Monica is yelling for someone to stop the still-expanding dildo.