Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Half an hour later Rachel replies: Thanks honey.

You: Where’s my pic???

Rachel: Yeah… about that…

Your phone buzzes with a message — a video message. It seems to take forever to download, but eventually, it’s all there, and you begin playback.

It’s a fairly standard office, and you see Rachel’s boss in his chair. He looks dismayed. You hear Rachel’s voice.

“Now, John, why am I filming this video?”

“Because I can’t believe how big your boyfriend is. I mean, eighteen inches? That’s like cock monster size. How can anyone be that big?”

You grin. Your monster cock has served you very well through the years, and most women can’t get enough of it.

“Well, Ross is just lucky, John. Unlike you. How big is your cock again?”

“Two inches hard, Miss Rachel,” John says, his voice subdued.

“Very good. Now, I think you had a request for my boyfriend, yes?”

You wonder what he’s going to request. Maybe to be your live-in cock worshipper? Maybe to have the pleasure of having Rachel masturbate him with a finger?