Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

“Shit, I’m not sure what to do,” you tell Rachel. “If you start sending them more images, then surely they’ll just keep demanding more and more, won’t they?”

“Oh god, what am I going to do?” Rachel exclaims, obviously distressed.

“First things first, get those images off Dropbox and turn the link thingy off on your phone. It’s bad that these guys have found it already. Don’t you use that Dropbox to share files with at work? Imagine how many people could just stumble into them right now.”

Rachel goes bright red as the consequences finally dawn on her, but quickly sets to work on her phone. After Googling how to get the link turn off, she finally fixes the issue and deletes the images.

“Now what do we do about the IT guys?” she asks you, desperate for some solution to present itself.

“I think you’re going to have to text them to ask exactly what it is that they’re after,” you respond, not liking the implications of what you’re saying, “You need to play for time while we work out a better solution.”

Rachel looks rather forlorn at the suggestion that she’s going to have to respond to the creeps. She begins to text back, with the responses coming almost immediately.

Rachel: “What do you want?”

Unknown: “We told you. We want to see more of you.”

Rachel: “Like what?”

Unknown: “Perhaps replace that banana with something more realistic.”

Rachel looks up with panic in her eyes at you. “Oh my god, they want me to send them a picture of me sucking you off!”

You waste no time in getting your dick out, because frankly any excuse to get your dick sucked is a good excuse in your eyes, even if Rachel really doesn’t look pleased with the idea. You walk towards her with your dick hardening and swaying as you move. Taking your dick in one hand, and holding the phone in the other, she begins to lick the end of your cock and takes a photo. Then she stops, and resumes texting. Disappointed, you put your dick back into your pants.

Rachel: “There you go.”

Unknown: “Wow, that was quick. Except, we said we wanted it just like with the banana, and that time you had your tits out. This time you didn’t. So we’ll have to send it to John instead.”

She gasps, and covers her mouth before texting back.

Rachel: “Please don’t, I’ll do anything!”