Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

With your eyes focused on your girlfriend getting off at the onscreen action of her parents, you fail to notice as someone walks up closely to your side. As this unknown person presses their lingerie-covered breasts into your side, you pay some attention, but clearly not enough as they decide to make their intentions clear by reaching down the front of your boxer shorts and grabbing onto your cock, before slowly pumping it back and forth.

It turns out to be your step-sister, Amy. She leans over and seductively whispers in your ear. “It’s been a while since I felt this.” Reflexively, you move your arm out of the way so as to give her a better angle, and instead you end up cupping one of her ass cheeks as you pull her close towards your body.

She stares intently into your eyes from only a few inches away; you can feel her hot breath on your face. She smells like strawberries. She’s changed her makeup since she arrived, as your certain she didn’t knock on the door wearing that hooker-red shade of lipstick.

Amy senses that your mind is wandering and gives your dick a tight squeeze. “I want you thinking about one thing, and one thing only.”

It’s been some time since the two of you fooled around together, although you wish it had become serious all the time. Amy has one of the sweetest asses you’ve ever seen, and you never did get to see it bouncing up and down on your cock. You wonder if you should play it cool for a second, but then you remember that your step-sister turned up to an orgy your girlfriend invited her to in lingerie, and currently has a firm grip on your member. So ‘being cool’ can go to hell.

“I’d like to fuck you, sis,” you tell her, throwing all your cards on the table.

She smiles and licks her lips. Lips you can’t wait to see wrapped around your dick once again. “Oh yeah? Where do you want to fuck me?”

“I want to fuck you in every hole. I want you to scream my name when you’re not gagging on my dick.” With that, you give her ass a tight squeeze, before slipping her thong to the side and running your fingers around her asshole.

Your step-sister reaches up with her other hand and rubs a nipple through its silk and lace encasement while biting her lip. “Mmmm. I’d like that.”