Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Albert...)

Your son comes in, eager and nervous to please.

“Well you gonna do anything or just stand there?” your girlfriend asks.

“R-r-right!” He immediately jumps on Rachel, kissing her and grabbing her ass, and she moans slightly in his mouth in lust. She starts grabbing his now fully-erect boner inside of his pants.

“So let’s see what we’re dealing with alright?” your girlfriend says. She gets down on her knees and starts unbuckling your son’s belt. She pulls down his pants and underwear in one swift movement and gasps at the sight of your son’s glorious cock. “Oh my god! This has to be the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! Have you ever measured this thing?”

You feel a little ashamed, your girlfriend is right there, drooling over your son’s monster cock, while meanwhile you sit there with your four-inch boner growing harder and harder in your pants.

“I’m just shy of eleven and half inches,” your son says.

“Holy shit, you’re almost four times the size of your dad!” Rachel says, slightly giggling. “Honey come over here and take your cock out and let’s compare!”

You begrudgingly accept and take out your fully-hard cock and they both laugh. “Ha! Looks like you didn’t get your dad’s genes huh?” your girlfriend says as she goes down and slobbers all over your son’s cock.

You don’t know how you feel. Humiliated? Slightly turned on? Maybe both? You don’t know what to feel but you just go back and sit down and watch the show. Rachel continues to slobber all over your son’s giant cock for a while until she stands up and fully strips down, and your son does the same.

“I’ve never had a cock even half as big as that so that thing is probably gonna rip me in half but I don’t want you to hold back okay?” Rachel says.

“Okay but be careful cause I can get very rough!” He winks at her and she blushes. You feel a little jealous seeing your girlfriend worship your son, but you just let her continue, afraid she might get mad if you stop this charade.

Your son grabs her roughly, and throws her onto the bed. Rachel seems to be loving this, you think to yourself. He then slowly inserts his massive cock into her pussy and starts pumping hard. Rachel lasts almost three minutes before she cums hard.

“Bet you haven’t cum that fast with him have you?” you son asks.

“I’ve never done that with anybody — you’re the best I’ve ever had!” she sighs in bliss.

The fucking continues and you don’t know how much more you can take. It’s been twenty minutes and she’s already cum three more times. You feel humiliated knowing your son is so much better than you at pleasing your girlfriend. Should you leave and just forget about how much more Rachel loves your son’s cock than yours? Or just sit there and watch in torment?