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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eli...)

You decide you’re done with this bullshit and try to leave. Before you even get up from your seat your son says something. “Hey dad you should totally call up some more of your girlfriend’s friends and then me and your girlfriend can really have some fun!” your son says, obviously wanting to fuck even more.

“Yeah honey, call up my best friend Monica and your step-sister Amy! I’m gonna need some help to take on a cock this big, plus with the pleasure he’s been giving me for the past half hour or so, he definitely deserves it!” Rachel adds.

“But, uh, honey I thought we only agreed to just my son, don’t you think that’s enough?” you reply, hoping to defuse their idea.

“Come on dad! I think after the pleasure I’ve been giving your girlfriend I deserve it! I mean just look how satisfied she is!” your son says. You look down at Rachel and see her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she moans loudly while your monster-dicked son pumps his meat in and out of her body over and over again. Your son giggles and says “Heh, bet you’ve never seen that look, huh dad?”

Rachel breaks out of her blissful trance and says, “Pfft, he’s never even been able to make me cum, I always have to get him to eat me out before I can even come close to one orgasm!”

It’s true. You know your son is better at pleasing your girlfriend and any other girl. It probably explains why he always comes over with an extremely hot new girl every time he visits and you’ve only ever had sex with one girl. Her. The girl your son is banging the brains out of right now. The one who is being pleased by him in a way you never could fulfill. Nope. Not even at your best. You always thought you were lucky cause no matter what new hot girl he’d bring in, your girlfriend was always hotter. But now he’s even won her over too.

You decide you’re too far in now. You know you have to call your step-sister and Rachel’s best friend if you even wanna possibly stay with your girlfriend. You decide to grab the bottle of whiskey you hide in your dresser and call up Amy and Monica.