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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Albert...)

You take a huge swig of the whiskey, hoping it’ll help you cope with your decision, and then you call up your step-sister Amy first. “Hey Ross, what’s up?” she asks, fully unaware of the current situation going on right now.

“Hey Amy, uh, can you come over real quick? I kinda need you to do something…” you say, trying to make sure she doesn’t know you want her to fuck her nephew-in-law. You figure it’ll be much easier to get her to agree in person.

“Uh, may I ask what I’m gonna be doing?” your step-sister replies, confused.

“Uhhhhh… just get here please! Thanks!” you say, right before you hang up the phone. “Okay uh, Amy is on her way over right now,” you say to your son and girlfriend.

“Awesome! I can’t wait! Now call up Monica!” Rachel says.

You pick up the phone, go into your contacts, and call up Rachel’s friend Monica. You’re a little nervous and regretful to call her, especially since you’ve always had a huge crush on her and she’s always had a crush on you, but you begrudgingly call anyways.

“Hey Ross, why’re you calling me at such a late hour?” Monica asks, confused and pleased by your late call.

“Hey uh, I was thinking, can you come over please? I need you to do something,” you say.

“Sure! Okay I’ll be there soon!” she replies eagerly, thinking she’s gonna get to fuck you when in reality, she’s gonna fuck your much bigger-dicked and better son.

After a while you hear the doorbell. “I’ll go get it,” you say hopping to your feet, glad to not have to look at this mess any longer. You open the door to see your step-sister and your wife’s best friend standing in the door. “Hey girls, come on in.”

“Why are we here?” they ask simultaneously.

“Just come to the bedroom and you’ll know.” You all go back to the bedroom and see your girlfriend now on her knees sucking your son’s dick.

“Oh my god! Is this what you brought me and your step-sister here for? To fuck your son!” Monica says, shocked and mad.

Rachel then stops sucking and moves her head to reveal your son’s monster cock to Amy and Monica.

“O-o-on second thought, this might not be a bad idea!” Monica says, shocked and pleased by your son’s size.

“Yeah a cock that big — I’m definitely down for this!” your step-sister adds, excited to get started.

“Oh yeah? You think I’m impressive, then you should see my dad!” your son says, and he and your girlfriend giggle quietly.

“Oh my god. Do you really have a cock that big? Show it to us!” Monica says.

“Uh I uh I’d rather not,” you reply, slightly embarrassed. Monica doesn’t like this so she gets down on her knees and starts unbuckling your belt. In one motion she rips off your jeans and boxers to reveal your fully-hard four-inch penis.

The entire room starts to laugh. “Yeah, no way that thing’s ever gonna go inside me, That’s the smallest penis I’ve ever seen!” Monica says through her laughter.

“Holy shit bro, I didn’t know you were still so immature!” your step-sister says.

“Alright, alright, I think we should start some fucking okay?” your son suggests.

“I’m totally ready for this!” you step-sister says. She and Monica start getting undressed. Amy takes off all her clothes to reveal her huge tits. They have to be at least a C-cup but they are probably a D-Cup. Then Monica strips to reveal the nicest, fattest, most perfect ass you’ve ever seen in your entire life. You just think to yourself one thing — “I’m so goddamn jealous.”

It starts when Monica jumps on your son, making out with him passionately as she strokes his giant cock. He grabs her thick, fat, perfect ass roughly and she moans slightly into his mouth before breaking the kiss and saying, “I need some help getting his dick nice and wet.” She slides down, licking his chest, abs and eventually his cock. The other two girls jump in and start sucking his massive balls while Monica devours almost three quarters of his giant cock.

They suck him off for ten more minutes before your son says, “Well dad? Who should I fuck first?”