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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wine...)

“Monica. Do you remember what my favorite kind of porn is?” Rachel asks with a wide grin.

“You like to watch…” Monica’s eyes go wide. “Forceful high speed blowjobs! Babes, you can’t do that to me. You know that I hate giving head!”

“That what makes it funnier!” your girlfriend giggles. She turns her attention to you. “Sweetie, do you like the idea of fucking the lovely face of our cute slave?”

“Sure do!” You feel how your dick jumps up immediately “Monica. It is a deal, remember.” You pull down your pants, releasing your cock from the confinement. “Open your mouth, please.”

Monica hesitates.

“Well, get on with it!” Rachel giggles again. You have never seen her so enthusiastic before sex. “You! Dirty whore! Open your fucking dirty mouth up and prepare for a snack! Now!”

Monica looks like she expected something softer, something more playful. Hearing words like that from her best friend is the last thing she expected.