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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

You and your girlfriend both share a few more moments of silence before she finally says, “I guess we better get this over with.” She reaches over and pulls you closer by your protruding member.

Rachel hands you the phone, after setting it up to record. “You’d better be the one recording this, since my hands are going to be busy.”

As you start recording (although you have a brief thought of “forgetting to push record” so she’ll have to blow you a second time tonight) she takes you into her mouth. She slowly works her way through her “greatest hits” of oral techniques — flicking her tongue over the tip, sucking heavily on the balls, kissing her way up the shaft — but she isn’t into it. She seems to be going at it like a robot rather than your girlfriend.

“Do you want to try some deep-throating?” you ask, hopeful because you enjoy it so much, and also because the blackmailer specifically requested it. She just looks up at you and sighs for a moment, before shoving your cock into her mouth and continuing to push it down until her nose is brushing against your public hair. You reach down and grab her by the back of the head and hold her there for a few seconds, before she pulls back, gasping for breath with a long line of pre-cum extending from your dick to her mouth until she wipes it off moments later.

You gently jack off your dick with your camera-free hand, as she gets some air briefly, before she gets back to sucking you off. She’s perhaps a little bit more into it now, but still not her normal self. Because of this, you decide that it’s time to take charge in today’s proceedings, and grab her by the back of the head. Initially you simply dictate the rhythm, but you’re soon face-fucking Rachel with abandon and she drops her hands to her sides.

The power goes a little to your head and you start to get a bit carried away, and before you know it, you’ve pushed her mouth all the way down your cock and are being deep-throated again. But she begins to panic as she wasn’t expecting it and you’ve never simply forced her to do that before. You let go completely and she pulls her head back and off your cock, looking quite angry at you. She doesn’t say anything to you, but the anger does improve her cock-sucking technique somewhat, and you cum on her face a few minutes later.

It wasn’t fantastic by any means for either of you, but it was what the blackmailer asked for, so hopefully it’ll do.