Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

You get out your phone and begin to record just in time. Victor grabs a handful of your girlfriend’s beautiful tits and aggressively starts to suck on them. This really starts to turn her on as she grabs him around the neck and he lifts her straight off the ground — she wasn’t kidding about him being strong. Rachel grabs his now enlarged cock and begins to squeal in delight as one of the biggest dicks she has ever even seen slides into her, with some trouble. She grabs on tighter and tries not to make too much noise as Victor pounds away at her tight pussy which is being stretched further than it ever has before.

As things heat up you put down your phone in a good spot to record and try to get a better look. Victor has now put Rachel down on the ground and is smashing away at her in doggy-style. But as Rachel’s moans and screams get louder and louder you being to worry about anyone else finding out about your slutty girlfriend and what would happen if they walked in. These thoughts are put to rest almost immediately as another one of the boys from the football team walks in and barely bats an eyelid.

His composure ends the moment he sees who Victor is actually fucking. He bends down and looks at your girlfriend’s pretty little face and says, “fuck me, Victor, you managed to get Ms. Rachel to fuck you! Can I join?”

Without hesitation Rachel moans out a quite loud, “Yes please, please fuck my mouth, fuck it hard!”

With no time to waste Victor’s buddy drops his pants, revealing yet another dick much larger than what Rachel is used to and far larger than yours. Rachel happily swallows it as far as she can before gagging all while still moaning like crazy from Victor’s ferocity.

The two students manage to keep up this impressive pace for yet another ten minutes before Victor finally empties his balls deep inside Rachel’s — your Rachel’s — unprotected pussy. Her legs buckle and she collapses down after so many orgasms and now being filled with cum. This allows Victor’s friend to get on top of her and face-fuck her even harder before cumming down her throat as well. Both the boys high five and congratulate each other on a good job and leave in a hurry giving one last glance at your girlfriend on the floor with cum oozing from her now-stretched pussy.

You rush over to at least attempt to help her but all you get as a response is more moans and her just quietly asking to go home.

After some time to let her rest, Rachel comes up to you and kisses you on the cheek. “Thank you Ross so much for that, but the thing is… I want it again, and I really need that again to feel satisfied, but next time I don’t think I’ll need your permission.”

You are baffled and confused as to what to do next, but you do now have one of the hottest pornos you’ve ever gotten to see on your phone. How bad could it get if you let your girlfriend have some fun?