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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

Monica spends few more seconds hesitating before opening her mouth wide. It is all invitation that you need to push your rock hard dick deep inside.

“Muurgh!” Monica protests as you go so deep that your balls lie on her chin. You never went so far in someone’s mouth before and spend few wonderful seconds getting accustomed for the new wonderful feeling before moving backwards, leaving only the half of your cock inside. You smile hearing a muffed sigh of relief from the woman under you. Little she knows. One second later you push back for the whole length of your piece of meat. Then you repeat the cycle again and again fucking Monica’s mouth as hard as you can. Even if she wants you to stop, there’s no way for her to ask for it.

As you glance toward Rachel you see that her hand is deep in her panties and she masturbates furiously. There is not the slightest doubt that your girlfriend is enjoying the action as much as you.

Monica’s face becomes a mess with an amazing speed. Tears ruin the mascara that she spent so much time to get perfect before this special event. At the same time her saliva is dripping around your dick and making her chin wet. You can easily add to this ruin by letting your cum spread all over her lovely face. On other hand, forcing her to swallow is a tempting alternative.