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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ehhh...)

“I’ll be right with you, Rachel, I’m almost done.”

You move up from Monica’s rear end to your her face, open her still-unconscious mouth, and slowly pump your dick in and out of it, until all the leftover cum that’s coating your dick is gone. You notice halfway through that your girlfriend has started playing with herself while leaning against a nearby tree and watching your further abuse of her best friend.

Once you’re finished with one slut, you move over to the other. You quickly launch yourself onto your girlfriend’s body and ravish her tits with your mouth while fingering her pussy relentlessly. Then you pick her up and firmly plant her back and ass up against the tree and start thrusting your saliva-coated dick up her until she starts bouncing on you herself.

It’s not long until Monica wakes up in a daze and looks around in confusion to see her friend, your perverted girlfriend, being fucked vigorously against the tree. Taking notice, Rachel starts to get even wetter now that she’s got an audience, making it even easier to slip up and down inside of her pussy. She signals Monica, motioning with her fingers towards you and moving her lips to say, “so good,” indicating that she doesn’t want any interruption to this dirty fuck session.

While she’s still coming to terms with what’s happening in front of her own eyes, Monica starts to feel herself getting wetter down below and also recognize the taste of cum you previously wiped off on her mouth, sending her over the lustful edge. She starts to get into the idea being fucked in the woods by a complete stranger alongside her bestie, clearly not picking up on the fact that it’s actually you in the phantom mask with your back to her.