Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Somebody...)

As much as you want to continue, you can tell your girlfriend doesn’t. You hesitate, but you’re far from letting your lusty desires overpower your better judgement. You pull out of Rachel and hear her gasp in surprise.

“M-Master…” she stammers out. You can tell she’s shocked. “Wh-Why… Why did you stop…?”

You gently flip her over so you can face her head-on, and caress her cheek softly. “You were hurting, Rachel. And as much as I love this little game of ours, I love you more. And I don’t want to hurt you.”

You watch as the expression on her face goes from shocked to love-struck. You then continue your statement. “So… If you don’t want me to continue back there, I won’t.”

Rachel hesitates for a second before responding. “Well… I think… I think if we do it right, it could feel really good… So…” She clears her throat before continuing. “Master… Will… Will you please get me used to getting my ass used and abused?”

You blush deeply, unsure of how to take that, then smirk. “Well… If that’s what you want, then you’ve got it, my pretty little slave.” You contemplate the variety of ways you could toy with your girlfriend’s ass.