Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kami...)

You say no. You just want to watch and you have no interest in fucking your girlfriend with your father. Rachel is asking for more then she should. She asks your father to dominate her, so he does.

“You little bitch, take this cock and my load or you will regret it,” your dad says as he dumps his cum in your girlfriend’s mouth. Overall she’s aroused.

Your father suddenly gets the urge to turn her over and spank her so he does. About five minutes later and her ass is red and her tears and yells aren’t stopping. Your father then turns her over and fucks her in the ass. She can’t stop moaning.

Watching all this has made you reconsider your earlier decision to abstain. You have the urge to fuck your girlfriend and dominate her. You get up and strip, then walk over to the sweaty couple.

“Son, your girlfriend is better than your mom, fuck her with me!”

You don’t need to reply. You face-sit Rachel while your father is fucking her. You then stuff your dick in her mouth and you have never enjoyed fucking her this much. Soon your dad has squirted enough cum in her pussy to get her pregnant ten times over.