Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by lonelyguy...)

“A customer service woman at a clothing store!” Rachel suggests excitedly.

“That’s, er, pretty specific, don’t you think?” you ask, thinking something is up.

Rachel laughs and continues to rub her increasingly wet nether regions, her breathing getting labored. “Well,” she explains, “there is this one girl who works at JCPenney that I see when I shop there, and if it isn’t too much to ask…”

You cut her off with a deep wet kiss, which she returns. “Say no more,” you say, breaking the kiss, “I’ll pick you up after work and we can head over there to see if she’s working tomorrow.”

Rachel kisses you again as she climaxes, moaning deep into your mouth. “Thank you Ross.”

The next day, work seems to take forever to go past, and you can’t help but look at your clock every ten minutes. Half an hour before your shift ends, you decide you can’t take it anymore, and decide to leave early. Rachel is excited to see you early, and the two of you head to JCPenney. You get to a very empty parking lot at 8:45pm and a thought suddenly hits you.

“Rachel, when does JCPenney close?”

Your girlfriend quickly takes out her phone and announces, “The hours are ten to nine!”

“Well hopefully this girl-”

“Kalie,” Rachel interrupts. She blushes. “Uh — her name is Kalie,” she mumbles, a little embarrassed.

You smile. “Well hopefully Kalie works the late shift,” you say, getting out of the car.

The two of you half-run to the entrance and look around. The store looks mostly empty.

“Let’s split up!” Rachel suggests. “If I find her, I’ll call you, but if you find her, don’t wait for me!”

“Are you sure, Rachel? I mean, this is your fantasy. You should be there.”

Rachel shakes her head and smiles at you. “No! Just the thought of you fucking Kalie silly is enough for me! If I’m lucky I’ll be able to catch the ending!” And with that she kisses you and begins searching frantically for Kalie. You watch her go and smile. Then you shake your head. Now’s the time to be thinking about this Kalie, not Rachel.

Your search seems to be fruitless after a few minutes. Rachel told you that Kalie was a tall brunette, with a magnificent ass, but all you’re seeing is headless mannequins with less than impressive asses.

You’re about to give up hope when you hear a voice over the intercom. “The store is closing in five minutes. All remaining customers must leave the building. Thank you for shopping at JCPenney.”

“Damn,” you mutter in disappointment. You begin to make your way towards the entrance when you see a woman walk across the aisle. She has her brown hair tied up in a semi-professional bun, and she’s wearing a tight pink blouse, and a pair of tights that show off her well rounded butt. She seems to be in a hurry, but you take a chance and call out to her.

“Excuse me!” you call.

The woman turns and notices you for the first time. You can see a name tag on her blouse. As she gets closer you can clearly read the name “Kalie.” Your heart starts to flutter, and you realize why Rachel chose this woman. Your lower member realizes as well, as your pants become uncomfortably tight.

“We’re closing sir, what do you need?” Kalie asks, her voice, young and sexy.

You smile at her. “Well I was hoping to buy these jeans,” you say, grabbing a pair off of a rack next to you, “but they seem to be a little bit too small. Or should I say, I appear to be too big.” You gesture towards your boner, and Kalie seems to notice it for the first time. Her eyes widen in a mixture of shock and admiration. You smile. You spent all day trying to come up with that one.

“I was hoping you might help me fit into these.” You smile, taking a step towards Kalie. She doesn’t back up or say anything, but her eyes remain fixed on your pants and she bites her lip, so you take another step forward.

“The store is closing,” she repeats, “but I suppose I could help a customer who is already shopping.” She smiles at you dirtily. “But first,” she continues, “I’m going to need to lock up. We wouldn’t want any other shoppers coming in after hours would we? Why don’t you wait right here?”

She brushes herself against you lightly as she walks past. As she’s walking away, you watch her perfectly rounded ass swing, your dick only getting harder. What feels like the longest three minutes of your life pass by before you Kalie returns.

“All locked up. We should be alone now. Let’s get you into the fitting room,” she says, winking at you, and guiding you by the arm. The two of you walk into the nearest fitting room, and as the door closes behind you, you turn Kalie around and kiss her deeply. She seems a little surprised at first, but then returns the kiss, her tongue twisting around yours. You caress the sides of her breasts, before moving down to her behind. You grope her, and pull her ass closer to your crotch.

She moans into your mouth, and you break the kiss. You turn her around, and begin to pull down her tights. She helps you and you admire her bare bottom. She grabs the rolling bench in the fitting room and positions it in front of the mirror.

You gently knead her ass with one hand, while pulling out your dick with the other. You rub the tip around her wet pussy lips.

“Oh, please fuck me — wait, what’s your name?” Kalie asks.

“Ross,” you grunt, shoving your full length into Kalie’s tight pussy. In the mirror you can see her mouth open round in shock. You begin fucking her sweet pussy faster. “Oh, please fuck me, Ross,” she moans.