Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Unknown...)

You quickly get tired of watching the three men touch your girlfriend like a whore after they got her drunk.

On instinct you drive a hard uppercut into the biggest one’s jaw, dropping him for the moment, then turn around just in time to duck a hit from the second guy. You grab his arm then, turning around, you bring his elbow down hard on your shoulder — shattering his elbow and probably permanently destroying it.

Just as you drop the second guy the third one grabs you into a chokehold. Try as you might you can’t break his grip so you do the next best thing: you hit him hard in the nuts. As he drops you turn around to give him a hard kick to the throat to make sure he stays down. As the first man tries to get back up you kick him in the gut hard enough to make him cough up blood.

You take Rachel by the arm and drive her home where you stay with her till the morrow comes, by which time she will no longer be drunk.

When she asks you what happened you stare into her beautiful eyes and tell her that after three guys got her drunk they started groping her up and down. For her honor and yours, you were forced to beat the shit out of them.

Rachel grabs you in for a hug and a deep kiss. This is just the beginning of a show of appreciation that lasts long into the night.

The End