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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

You recognize the woman immediately. It is Fernanda, a student from Brazil. She rents an apartment nearby. She is a twenty year old tall chocolate beauty with a long dark hair. You don’t know her well enough because your conversations never went beyond a simple, “Hi.”

“What the hell, Rachel?” you ask, turning your attention to your girlfriend. “It is kidnapping. We can both go in prison for this!”

“Ross, don’t be a pussy!” she answers, rolling her eyes up. “Who cares about some foreigner? No one will even notice her absence. Don’t you want her? I know you do!”

You glance at the naked girl — appraising her long shapely legs, wide hips, nicely shaved pussy with thick and dark lips, flat stomach, and a pair of large firm young tits topped by long dark nipples. Everything looks nearly perfect, but what arouses you most is a expression of fear on an angelic face. Some part of you basks in the terror of the innocent victim.

At the same time another part of you is screaming to stop this madness before it is too late. You must make a decision.