Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

You carefully consider what to do next. Sure. You can just let the poor girl go but then Rachel will be in deep trouble. Fernanda will report the incident to police. It may be too late to abort this.

Also, Rachel seems so happy now. You love this woman and want to make her happy even if it means doing something as nasty as keeping a sex toy in your basement.

This is what you tell to yourself. Maybe your reasons are nothing but an attempt to find an excuse to take what you want.

You exchange glances with Rachel, then drop your pants down, making Fernanda’s eyes go wide with terror. You proceed by grabbing the Brazilian hottie by her hair and dragging her to an old chair stored here.

She doesn’t try to resist, probably because she is too terrified to think about fighting back. You have her in a perfect position now. Her flat stomach is lying on the chair giving you a full access to her juicy ass.

“Yes baby! Fuck this little slut!” Rachel encourages you, sounding more excited than you’ve ever heard.

The feeling of total power over Fernanda is intoxicating. It is your choice how to enter her. You are the one to choose the angle, the pace and even the entrance.